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Meghna Ray Mondal

Hey there, I’m Meghna

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Ontario, Canada. I teach Type 2 Diabetics how to lower their blood sugar levels and A1C, and improve their insulin sensitivity naturally through a diet consisting of fiber-rich, whole plant foods.

I help you confidently navigate all the confusing and conflicting information out there so you never have to wonder “Am I eating right for type 2 Diabetes?”

Are you curious about the power of simple, whole foods in transforming lives? Do you want to learn proven ‘techniques’ to become healthier and lower your blood sugar levels naturally, overcome cravings, binge eating and fatigue? Do you wish you had more energy so you could take on life’s challenges without feeling overwhelmed? Or, do you dream about the ability to lose weight in a holistic way so that you do not gain it all back (and more) in a few short weeks? You’re in the right place!

Imagine waking up to feeling your best, every day! Learn about foods that nourish your body and mind, and fill you with energy that lasts you through the day, all the while maintaining and lowering your blood sugar levels. I’m here to educate and support you through your journey to #beyourhealthiestself.


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