10 Reasons to choose healthy recipes

Reasons to choose Healthy desserts –

– Free of refined sugar

– Free of refined grains

– Naturally sweetened without added sugar

– No bad fats

– Delicious in a good way (not overly sweet)

– Does not fuel sugar cravings

– Does not cause sugar crash

– While still a treat and contains calories, is in every way healthy.

– Will not send you on a guilt trip for eating too much, because frankly, real ingredients from naturally – sweetened treats do not let you over eat. It’s the refined sugar and refined grains that make people lose control and over eat. 

– Kids get to learn that treats can be made healthy, and they can have more because these treats are healthy. 

I’m Meghna Ray Mondal, Certified Holistic Nutritionist (and mom) sharing with you some of my favourite healthy dessert recipes for FREE.

I’m a Nutritionist who believes in moderation and healthy choices that are easy to follow and sustainable (for you) in the long run. I also believe that carbs are not all bad, and that making the right choices about food is much more important than counting calories. When you eat healthy (and that includes dessert too), it becomes a lot easier to continue the journey to health without feeling frustrated and giving up.

So go ahead and click the link to get my FREE healthy dessert recipes that are BIG on taste and are healthy for your entire family (and friends). When my toddler asks for sweets (and more servings of them), I do not freak out or feel guilty because I always have something healthy on hand that she can enjoy.

Click the image below to get the free recipes

20 Sugar FREE Dessert REcipes

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