Eat dessert without the guilt trip

Who doesn’t like a little dessert? Especially in the Holiday season, right? The trouble is, while we wholeheartedly indulge in our little (sweet) vices, we pay for it later with the ever nagging guilt trip…

But what if I said you could indulge, and not have to feel guilty? Is that even possible? Absolutely! Coming from a nutritionist, that is one bold claim. But it’s 100% true. My Sugar Free desserts are actually HEALTHY. Because my dessert recipes are made from natural, whole food sweeteners such as dates and bananas! NO STEVIA – NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and of course, NO REFINED Sugar. Just pure, wholesome goodness.

While just as sweet, these little treats do not contribute to sugar cravings (I explain that in another post). They cause your blood sugar levels to rise but not as quickly as refined sugar would, so they do not cause a crash afterwards. What also makes these desserts healthy is the fact that none of these contain any refined flours and margarine (transfats) which is what most ‘normal’ desserts are. So….. Refined Sugar free. Guilt free. True to the word. Are you convinced yet? Oh, and these are kid approved too! And mom approved, and of course, nutritionist approved 😉

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Refined Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

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