Still hungry after eating healthy?

Healthy snacks

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A question I am often asked is … I eat healthy but am still hungry after a meal. What can I do?

This is why I say (to a lot of eye rolls and jaw drops) that calorie restriction doesn’t always work. If you’re eating healthy meals (meaning whole, unprocessed meals containing the right amounts of protein, good fats and complex carbs), you do not need to overcome hunger. The hunger that you feel after eating a healthy meal (as opposed to cravings which results from unhealthy meals) is real hunger and that means you need to eat some more.

Go ahead and eat real foods to your heart’s content.

You don’t need to count calories when you’re eating real food. I never did and still lost weight. So will you.

Don’t count calories. Make the calories count.

Eat nutrient dense foods so that your body can use all of the nutrients to support and fuel itself. Counting calories and depriving yourself of eating a little bit more of a healthy meal almost always results in unhealthy snacking. And while you may be eating really healthy all the other times of the day, one unhealthy snack can ruin it all for you.


If it feels like you’re always hungry despite eating adequately, eat some raw and unsalted nuts and seeds or some carrot sticks with hummus. In between meals, eat some fruit. All the fibre in these healthy snacks will fill you up and while it may take your body a few weeks to adjust to eating healthy meals and more fibre (which may cause some gastrointestinal upsets at first, but that’s totally normal), you will find your hunger disappear gradually – because you are providing your body with the nourishment it needs.

Besides, give your brain some time to signal to your body that it’s full. Normally that takes about 20 minutes.

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